Cleaving Silver_Conceptural Picture
Cleaving Silver_Picture bowl 1
Cleaving Silver_Picture Bowl 1-2
Cleaving Silver_Picture tray 1
Cleaving Silver_Picture tray 1-2
Cleaving Silver_3D tray 1-2
Cleaving Silver_3D tray 1
Cleaving Silver_Study Mock up in paper
Cleaving Silver_Study Mock up in Plastic to present the company it
Cleaving Silver_Study Mock up in Plastic to present the company it


The ECAL ( Lausanne Cantonal Art School ) and the company Christofle presents their new collaboration, a unique workshop on the theme of Bi-Material .

A fourth workshop where students will have to understand the work of the money, a specialty of the company Christofle , associating it with new forms, materials and uses.

” prototyped eight projects, three of which are under consideration for future marketing … ”

After exploring the themes ” Empty your pockets and your bags! “,” Service Water Service champagne, tea , “” The Gift of Birth “, directed by the designer Thilo Alex Brunner students worked on” The bi-material . “

” We thought it interesting to see how this new generation feared the money, what would their association ideas, proposals for new materials may be more in tune with the times, more technology? “reveals Anne Savelli, Head design Product Christofle.

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” From its founding in 1830 to the present day, Christofle remains at the forefront of decorative arts, relying on a constantly renewed creation and development of new techniques. The designers are now the first architects of this approach.

Internationally recognized and emerging, they enrich the vast collection of creations from the goldsmith. Collaboration since 2006 tied with the ECAL is a good example. The fourth workshop organized with the school and the students of the Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship shows that will give a voice to young creation and innovation. ”

Step 1 of our discovery Workshop Bi-Material ECAL x Christofle , start to discover six projects prototyped .

Concept Text

Money and stone are here together to create a series of containers in various shapes. Stone, heavy and massive gives stability while silver, fine and delicate, creates volume. Reflections from the stone in the money form compositions and mixtures of amazing colors, thus breaking the radical forms.