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Capture a brief moment of existence expressed in unixtime, preserve in stone

I’m a scientist at Freiburg University and since almost 20 years, in my free time I create projects in the area of Internet and computer art. Our newest Internet project went online last weekend. Here, we bridge the gap between the short-lived Internet and epochal intervals: we give each viewer the opportunity to capture a brief moment of his existence expressed in unixtime, the heartbeat of the internet, and to preserve it in stone, probably the best “long-term archive”.

Why time? Time is one of the most precious things. Although we want to hold a moment and stay in that moment, time doesn’t wait for you. Even time flows away right now. So we think people should be able to posses at least one moment among these Innumerable instants.

Why unixtime? Unix time is the inner internet time measure and thus the heartbeat of network society. It’s the universal time of all sort of computers spanning broadly from smartphones over tablets and PCs to internet servers. As a network society, we are dominated by that rhythm: we see it as the symbol of time in modern life.

Why Stone? Nowadays, it is really easy to record something electrically, but at the same time it is also easy to loose it. How many times do you watch pictures or videos you took? BTW, do they still exist? When it comes to long term archiving of information, and we mean really long term (over centuries and epochal times), even the most developed technologies seem to fail. Archiving on stones still appears to be the best approach for preserving precious information for the generations to come.



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