Waiting space
Waiting space
Dentist office
Dentist office
One cabinet
View of the rooftops through the apartment window

For this dental clinic Ortho has a comprehensive project from redesigning your corporate image to the interior and exterior design.

The main challenge of this project was to create a special place, away from traditional clinical concept, warm and welcoming, to cater to the patients and also to enjoy. The main drawback was the local triangular complicated morphology, with a facade of large aluminum and glass panels placed vertically in a strange sequence, but with one big advantage, its height

Recreate that height advantage inside the Local ‘Andalusian village’, so that when entering the clinic the impression is to continue walking along one of the streets of Conil: the dwellings are shaped ‘little house’ with sloping roofs , all painted white and sprinkled with colored dots that provide plant elements that appear in certain areas of the floor (moss) and ceiling (preserved eucalyptus branches).

Each residence is regarded as an independent architectural element with a volume game different from others and together reminds the white villages of Cadiz.

This sense of tradition complete with decorative items such as furniture and tapestries made ??by hand.

Private Zone / The Apartment

Our clients, a young couple of dentists, spend much time in his new clinic and need a place to relax and unwind from work. To do this we enable a private area on the mezzanine floor, with a staircase connecting the clinic with the apartment. A large window across the width of this space to view from above everything that goes down.