Clipper grouppicture
Clipper is anodized and available in the colors black, natural, gold and royal blue
Clipper can be clamped on any surface with a thickness of 8-33mm.

The idea behind Clipper was to liberate the candle from it’s usual place and presentation. Clipper eliminates symmetry by moving the candle away from the middle of a table and placing it on its edge. Therefor it doesn’t take space on the table nor the view on the person sitting vis-a-vis. It is kept simple and puts colors on your table, sideboard or even a shelf.
Material: anodised aluminium
Colors: balck, natural, royal blue, gold
Clamping width: 8-33mm

The first pieces were sold during the Dutch Design Week 2013 in Eindhoven, which took place one week ago.

designed for Puik Art 2013
Puik Art collaborates with young talented product designers. The two young Dutch men develop and design products for companies and their own label.