Let your clothes have a own house to live in.
The Clothing House is available in black, red and white.
The cloth-rack can easily be moved arounde because of the four wheels.
The very first sketch of the cloth-rack.
The main measurements.
A rendering were different dimensions of the steel tubes were determined.
Your clothes can now be seen in another way, instead of being stored in a dark, square wardrobe.

Clothing House is a cloth rack that is designed by Ola Giertz for Swedish design brand Essem Design. Instead of being stored in a dark, square wardrobe, the clothes now can be seen in another way when being stored more openly in the room. Hang your clothes in their own little house, because they also want to feel at home. As its name suggests, the cloth rack has a form that is inspired by different houses and cabins, allowing a playful and markable product.

The rack is made out of square metal tubes which is 25mm wide. It can easily be moved into different positions because of the four wheels, and the idea is to further develop a small cloth rack for the children. The standard colors on the Clothing House is black, white and red, but it can also be customized and ordered in a variety of other colors as well.

When hanging your clothes in the rack, the different gallows enhances the form of the roof because of the same angles as the rack. The basic and simple form is an important element in the product, which creates an obvious and distinct shape that easily can be recognized.

Design: Ola Giertz (www.olagiertz.se)
Producer: Essem Design (www.essem.se)
Photographer: (www.essem.se)