Net Structure
Wear a fancy clothes
Happy Christmas
Wear a sweater
My Puppy
Swaddled in Fur

Chair 01
Steel Chair _Accomplished
Size : 570 x 600 x 820 (mm)
Feature : Net structure , Thin silhouette, Feel cold

Chair 02
_ Happy Christmas
Imagining the warm Christmas, I dressed the chair that looked like a lonely holly in the clothes of happiness. The dressed chair becomes a part of fairy tales like a little boy wearing a red sweater. I knitted straps out of the wool and these were woven back on the chair. So it made the chair firm and mild.

Chair 03
_ Twinkle
The steel chair with the same face looks like boring daily life, The glittering and colorful strap resonated with fantasy to be a famous star. The straps were interwoven with the net structure to dress it like a wonder woman. Chair becomes star.

Chair 04
_ My puppy
It was worn with the clothes contrary to the solid steel and thin silhouette. The cold and hard chair became a shaggy puppy. It is covering the body warmly as our lovely puppy comforts us with no words.