The shelf at the bottom not only acts to brace the structure but collects the dowel and provides a great place for storing shoes
The wooden dowel compliments the white steel in more areas then one. The steel acts as a direction for the coat rack but the flexibility and round nature of the dowel gives the design more adaptability of use.
This photo clearly expresses the CNC bend steel bending process, and out lines how this design pushes the limits of what is possible in the realms of material, with a conscious effort to find an equilibrium between form and function
The structure simple fits together with simple black screws
combining natural pine with CNC capabilities creates a beautiful harmony between hand craft and modern technology
creating a place for all those things you put down
The bowl has been crafted out of 3d printed porcelain, a home for keys and small items. It sits in a perfectly laser cut cylinder. Simplicity at its best.

A place for all those things you put down..

This coat stand appears to defy gravity, with a hovering steel sheet keeping three diagonal sticks from crashing to the ground, it’s form is as true as it’s function. The coat racks original intention was to find a home for those few items that don’t have one. The exploration turned into a combination of an inquiry into human habits, minimalism and design. By focusing on four main items, the keys, the book, the coat and the shoes, I was able to establish a unity between these areas, through the use of cnc steel bending. The combination of pine dowel, white laser cut sheet metal and 3d printed porcelain begins to initiate a connection between technologies today and timeless material.

This design is easily assembled with four black screws, creating an intentional contrast. The aim of this work is to create habits through design and ultimately finding a place to celebrate those integral items that often find themselves fighting for attention, among the home furniture. A beautiful combination of traditional materials, minimalist design and advancing design processes.