Ovale Line
Atoll - outside
Atoll - living room

Atoll was developed by the surface design studio Renata Rubim Design & Colors for Solarium Pisos e Revestimentos. This cement covering is a new concept which belongs to the Ovale Line created in 2010 for the same company and recognized as an excellent wall covering. Maintaining the beauty of the original creation, the Atoll Line is an innovation in terms of Cobogós (a wall with open spaces which allows for the air to flow and natural light to enter). Cobogó is a Brazilian invention named with a combination of its creators names: COimbra, BOeckmann and GÓis. This invention left its mark in the 60’s and 70’s and is found in works by Lúcio Costa, Oscar Niemeyer and other great architects from last century’s second half. Atoll, as a contemporary cobogó, has been used with different functions by many architects as you can see in the pictures attched. Besides, the main raw material utilized by Solarium is a kind of special refractory concrete made for flooring and offering greater durability in relation to other material such as ceramics and natural stones.

PS: Atoll has been published only on brazilians websites.