Halm (Earth pattern):

Shake it — taste it — enjoy your lemonade! The Halm brings you to the world of fantasy, breaking all convention in tableware. Turn your glass upside down and put inside a straw — no need to be afraid of tiresome bees or dust. Your drink is safe in its sphere!

Fugu (spiky glass):

Depths of the sea, the secrets of distant waters. Dangerous perfection which attracts the temptation to taste. Fugu is a glass inspired by the blow fish. It is suitable for experienced chefs and bartenders. The glass shape complements the comprehensive collection of unconventional drinkware.

Baron (pipe glass):

The Baron is a glass that was created by remaking the iconic design of the rEvolution wine glass. The new shape in the form of a stretched pipe brings new possibilities – now the glass can be used for even more barman’s techniques for preparing cocktails.


Halm by Martin Jakobsen

Fugu by Martin Jakobsen

Baron by Martin Jakobsen