Side view of Cocoony
Cocoony - a safe haven for children
Strong and durable structure, but still flexible
Holes are provided for looking outside and for playing
Materials such as foam, wool felt and a giant zipper are used
Inside of Cocoony
Transformation from a 3-dimensional pod into a 2-dimensional play mat
Opened play mat
Children enjoying the play mat
Most of the Cocoony is hand stitched

Cocoony is a simple three-dimensional response to particular emotional needs of young children. Tantrums and quiet down time were identified as moments when children benefit from having their own space without adult interference. Cocoony provides a secure physical space, a ‘safe haven’ for temporary retreat. It is also a fun place to play outside these moments.

Cocoony quickly transforms from an irregular shaped two-dimensional play mat into a three-dimensional pod, providing shelter for important rest and refueling time. Its material (soft felt), colours, texture and detail are all considered from the child’s perspective.