Started in April 2017 as a direct bank in South Korea, K-bank provides the same services as commercial banks without branch network.

K-bank only offers its services via online banking and ATMs. Having no branches can make significant savings which they may pass on to customers via higher interest rates and lower fees. However, customers may feel anxious when it comes to depositing coins.

Instead of extending network of expensive coin accepting ATMs, K-bank focused on a piggy bank and decided to reinvent it. The new piggy bank, “Coinbook” can sort and store coins automatically without electrical energy. Coinbook can also store foreign coins in a hidden compartment. Coinbook is the size of typical book, and can be placed anywhere. Customers can easily calculate the current savings by checking the transparent scales on the side, and easily take them out by sliding out the pocket.

Coinbook is a limited edition only for users of K-bank. It will be delivered to them through the 1st anniversary event in April.