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I am Adriana and I work for Kristalia’s marketing department.
I am sending you this e-mail regarding our new initiative, should you be interested in adding it to your blog.
We looked at these pictures with excitement and we hope that they will have the same effect on you!

Kristalia’s team decided to send around Europe, to three famous photographers, Johan Bergtröm, Pascal Fellonneau, Jos Kraaijeveld, one of our new products: Degree.
What is Degree? Is it a pop sculpture, a piece of scenery or a giant cork? Is it a small table or a storage unit? Or maybe both?
Degree is a creation by Patrick Norguet for Kristalia’s collection.

You can admire Degree between Northern Europe’s trees, as a part of a natural scenery, where the light, a source of harmony, seems to push away the dramatic romantic connotations which are typical in Johan Bergtröm’s work.
For Pascal Fellonneau it represents the interpretation of femininity in the intimacy of a Parisian apartment. The light and shadows, the heat of the wood and the red color, which is symbol of passion, a quiet evening and a simple act, as putting nail polish on, can become a poetic image.
While for Jos Kraaijevel, the challenge is to understand the interaction between people and the surrounding environment, wind turbines, a street and our product, becomes a whole, during a summer day in Holand.

Degree is waiting for other new photographers to make it their source of inspiration.
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