Collection 83 by Marion F.
Collection 83 - Stool by Marion F.
Collection 83 by Marion F.

Collection 83 by Marion F.

First line of contemporary furniture, composed of a table prototype and two stools prototypes presented at “Now le Off” during the Paris Design Week 2012.

First idea of the project was to give more flexibility at the leg of the table.
The concept is to embed the wood plate around the leg to use it as a sharing area during a family meal, hide cables for office use, for example, not only as a single support function .

The design of table’s leg, such as stools, is an assembly of two aluminum sheets, cut, bent and welded together forming an architectural sculpture, asymmetric, dynamic and timeless.

The table top is made of wood to contrast with the aluminum.
Top and bottom of the board have been painted to make the assembly more light and highlight the leg.
The side of the plate remains in its natural state to keep the “graphic” aspect.
This collection could be integrated indoor and outdoor.