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Collection Sueño Tropical by Agustín Menini & Carlo Nicola

“TROPICAL DREAM” Collection – (Sueño tropical)

There is this place where every night are warm and eternal; where time is perfumed by the exuberance of nature and where life is stretched between cocktails, smiles and complicit looks on the edge of a pool.

Here, fantasies mix with reality in a sweet and long yawn of tropical colors, where pleasure is nothing but having a bath in this bucolic reverie.

Home of mysterious strangers, diamond’s thieves, and untold stories. Those who arrive at these lands are invaded by a voluptuous melancholy and surrounded by the outrageous sensuality of the sweltering heat, that confabulate to submerge them in a warm dream, a TROPICAL DREAM.

Americano side table

Folha Table / upper view

Folha table

Nouveau Lamps

San José media unit

Sofa Sorvete

Sofa Sorvete

Vime room divider

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