“Coloring books are never enough, their pages end too soon and the space is too small for an artist to run wild.”

“Animals, cities, creatures, behicles, clouds, butterflies on the walls and floors of the space – 7 illustrators will draw new black-and-white worlds waiting to be colored in with small and bigger brushes. This time it will be necessary to get dirty, roll around and color in the world around(no paint, they will use markers).”

– This citation is taken from the event page of Sofia Design Week 2013 – www.edno.bg/en/sofia-design-week-2013/exhibitions-kids/888

The exhibition is a selection of black and white illustrations of seven different artists. The artist have full freedom in deciding what to draw.The interactivity is presented by the possibility for kids to color and modify all the pictures using their own imagination. Of cource markers are provided and children are not limited to color only the paper space!

The lego-like structure of the exhibition is designed specially for the exhibition and is composed of just three main types of elements giving space for a lot of combinatorics. Two of the element types are used to construct the walls and the third element represents the slabs.
The big element used for the walls is presented in two additional variants – with cutouts shaped as arcs giving the presence of passages and doors.
The labyrinth shape that the whole structure has allows its usage not only for coloring but also for hide-and-seek and other games.
The structure of the exhibition is inspired of the one we designed for another exhibition for kids – “Archeology backstage” – www.praktrik.com/archeology-labyrinth

Author and curator: Vicky Knysh – www.vickny.com

Yasen Zgurovski – www.compote-collective.com/artist/3/yasen-zgurovski.htm
Dmitrii Yagodin – www.compote-collective.com/artist/13/dmitry-yagodin.htm
Liliya Bardenova – www.lilycupcake.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/illustration
Evgeniya Nikolova – www.behance.net/evga2000
Siyana Zaharieva – www.siyanazaharieva.blogspot.com/
Asya Koleva – www.asyakoleva.com/illustration
Vicky Knysh – www.vickny.com

Structure: Petar Zaharinov, PRAKTRIK – http://www.praktrik.com/

Project page for the structure – www.praktrik.com/exhibition-structure-for-color-me-en

Vicky Knysh

Part of the kid’s section of Sofia Design Week 2013 – www.edno.bg/en/sofia-design-week-2013/exhibitions-kids/888
21.06.2013 – 30.06.2013 – Serdika Mall, Sofia