result of the 'Computer Augmented Crafts' process
the workbench setup which enabled the result
a screenshot of the computer program guiding to the result

For the exhibition The Machine ‘Computer Augmented Craft’ was turned from a simulation into an executable digital interface. Which recommends decisions to the designer whilst he/she works. The computer maps the making process, via sensors, instantly generating other formal possibilities based on the designers chosen parameters. The Computer Augmented Craft project is an attempt to utilise advanced technologies without sacrificing the unique qualities of craftsmanship.

With the support of developers David Menting and Martin Schneider, we developed a working system based on processing and arduino. With the opensource ‘generator’ and ‘sequencer’ any artist or designer can create a virtual mesh, that with the use of the setup can be crafted into physical object. It is then in the hand of the craftsman to make the exact same physical mesh like the virtual mesh or use the virtual mesh just as a base to create something totally different. Ideally it will enable the designer to create something nor him or the computer itself could have come up with.

The code developed by David Menting and Martin Schneider for arduino and processing is opensource and available at github under the MIT license.