complete set of bowls
black+grey set
white+grey set
purple+brown set
brown+orange set
orange + purple set
small bowl
small bowl-high detail
thread detail

we are a two-people studio based in Bologna, Italy.
Our name is vicolopagliacorta and we work in craft design.
We would like to submit our concavo collection: a series of bowls made of crocheted electric cables.
They are made applying a traditional technique to an unusual material.
They come in four sizes and five different combinations of colours.
A complete set of four pieces is made out of approximately 200 metres of cable.
They are hand-sewn with strong aluminium crochets and every bowl looks peculiar.

their approximate measurements are
small bowl: ø 10cm, height 8cm
small bowl-high: ø 10cm, height 13cm
medium bowl: ø 21cm, height 8cm
large bowl: ø 30cm, height 10cm

We will present the project in Milan this april at Ortofabbrica in Tortona District.
Thank you for your attention

marco gambula