Roberto Giacomucci cements the heat

Roberto Giacomucci, after several project experiments, starts dealing with a new challenge: the thermo furnishings, facing it with cement.
The Italian designer’s ironical style, his smart objects, his innovation concept are well known. He believes that future innovation, meant as a skill, as the ability of intuition to find simple solutions is an important mean of success, so that innovation will not be affordable only by big companies with huge monetary resources.

CONCRETELAB responded to the challenge, trusting Giacomucci’s idea, sketches and renderings.
ConcreteLab is a brand of IMC, a company that has been working with cements since over ten years. So why IMC and cement instead of the classical cast iron manufacturer to create a radiator?
Here is the innovation proposed by the architect. “After several researches on materials, I realized how many potentialities cement has, above all applied to the heating”.
Cement in fact seems to be perfect for this function: it sends out radiant heat, spreading horizontally the temperature without dispersing it, and moreover the mixture of this kind of cement is completely natural and makes air pleasant and health. Cement in fact avoids dust production, helping to keep environment health and suitable also for allergic people, asthmatics, children and elderlies.

“At ConcreteLab we tested the material and the results were astonishing even for me. Simply, the cement radiator makes you feel well; there are no words to explain the feeling you have by that kind of heat”.

The material comes form recycled wastes, so, apart from having a special natural composition made of water, sand and gravel, it is also ecological. It doesn’t need very high temperatures to heat, and heat stays longer than the one send out by a standard radiator, so it avoids an energy waste and guarantees a consumption saving.

The look innovation depends on the shapes the architect chose for his radiators, dividing them into 3 kinds of model: basic, sculptural and functional.
The first kind is made of linear, simple and monolithic models.
The sculptural ones are the most carved, with fanciful shapes, with stone effect materials, and fine devices that make them a real piece of furniture.
Finally the functional ones: they are the ones equipped with smart functions and with skills a part of the heating one. So we have radiator with laundry basket, with shelves and hands heater.

All the models are available in different colours and finishing, real material expressions, born by semi artisan (even if can be reproduced as industrialized) work, as the details care demonstrates.