Materials : wooden stick, cutter, paper container, spoon, straw(Ø9mm), colored pencils, nitrile gloves, cement pigment, super glue, tape, circle cutter, scissors, dremel, extruded PVC sheet(1mm), OHP film, cement
Step 01. Paste two sheets of PVC together. And drill 22 holes.
Step 02. Paste one of them on a circular PVC sheet.
Step 03. Glue straws. Then put the sheet through the straws.
Step 04. Mix cement and pigment.
Step 05. Pour cement. After 24 hours, carefully remove the mold.
Concrete Pencil Vase_final image_01
Concrete Pencil Vase_final image_02
Concrete Pencil Vase_final image_03
Concrete Pencil Vase_final image_04

The Concrete Pencil Vase was inspired by the Korean briquette structure.
Unlike other desk supply holders, this cylindrical cement block has many deep tunnels so that each pencil can stand individually.
From atop, the design resembling something like a modern honeycomb.