View of the full collection
Vases fixed with concrete on the top
Detail of the concrete on the top used for glue four vases of porcelain
Concrete base for the single vases
Detail of the base concrete
Collection of the songle vases big and small models
Final drying process of the concrete working as glue

Using the water as a fixing component, Ahsayane Studio has created, in its experimental laboratory design, a collection of vases using porcelain and concrete together.
The vases grow in vertical thanks to conical supports which connect the flowerpot and the ground surface, like heels. The concrete is used on the top or the bottom as the gluing material in order to create a composite structure of vases or a single piece.

The vases are inspired from the typical flower pots made of ‘terracotta’. The result of mixing both models, the flower pot and the cone, is a levitating vase suspended from the ground. In the same family, the cones alone are used for created smaller vases, in a combined or single way.

The vases have been made pouring porcelain into a plaster mold. Once the porcelain was fired, the concrete was applied. The water is the common element used to create the mix of liquid porcelain and, in the other hand, also used for the concrete mixing process. During the drying period of the concrete’s water, both materials become fixed. The series consist of assembling four, five or six porcelain vases together or just adding concrete in the bottom as base for the single ones.