The series of lamps CONE LIGHT SERIE01 is our first collection’s core object. This lamp gleams with simplicity and reduced design. Its form recollects the archetypal pendant lamp. The lamp’s modern LED technology is used discretely. The funnel-shaped lamp shade bundles and visualizes the light, giving the lamp its characteristic form. Due to the semifinished industrial materials, every glass cone has its individual surface and structure. With the lamp switched off, its cone reflects the daylight and accentuates the lamp’s low-key and zero-gravity design. Our candid handling of material fits the lamp smoothly into various surroundings. Its emanating light corresponds with the surrounding light and, depending on daylight intensity, produces various color temperatures and contrasting effects. Within a dark surrounding, the lamp’s cone of light emerges fully and becomes the lamp’s main object, creating the impression of visualized light. CONE LIGHT was one of the nominees for „the best of 2011“ in Design by Swiss design magazine „Hochparterre“.
Bureau Purée is not just an office, but also a workshop and idea lab for residential objects and exhibits: Our designer collective consists of Miriam Frei, Hans-Kaspar and Thomas Frischknecht. By putting our ideas, perceptions and expertise to work for the past 2 years, we’ve built a solid base for new concepts.

Bureau Purée’s first collection centered around light and transparency. Initially, we used industrial semifinished products and materials such as cable conduit or laboratory glass. In a new context and functionality, these products ended up far away from their original purpose. The result of our work are lamps and objects for various living spaces. We focus on form, function and utilization. While technics and engineering form the core of our work, our objects shine with aesthetics and ambiance. At Bureau Purée, designing our products is not only desk work: We also implement, test and refine our ideas in our own workshop. Our approach allows us to produce small series of objects, as well as individual items.

Bureau Purée loves to experiment, implement, and strive for new perspectives and attitudes within Switzerland’s Design scene. Our work process is successive and experimental in its character. Our aim is to combine our passion and attitude in order to continue creating new ideas and introduce those to the Swiss design scene.