the object can be used by one person as a quick retreat
it can also be used by two people as a place to have a quick meeting or a private conversation
the pressed felt hood is then sits between the surface and the frame

ever since architects started taking down interior walls to create airy open spaces, a new set of problems have arisen. whilst these areas are more communal,
there is an issue with finding discrete, private areas which take you away from the noise of open spaces. confession is a new furniture archetype which seeks to
resolve these problems of privacy and seclusion. it enables the creation of a space for a quick meeting, to hear a personal story, a quiet place to read the paper with
a coffee or even somewhere to indulge in office gossip. it also reminds us of what we lose in the era of shared and open communication.

instead of erecting walls to create personal and confidential spaces, which can prove expensive, these communal areas can be furnished in a new way at a
fraction of the cost and hassle. the piece is made from steel tubing with an oak table surface which sits at industry standard bar-height. the hood is made from
pressed polyester felt which has great sound absorbing qualities, thus further adding to the private nature of the object.
the project started through a collaboration with blå station which was organised by matti klenell as part of an industry relations project within
konstfack’s master programme. nick and blå station worked together on the project and thanks to the company’s knowledge of the market and production
possibilities confession was able to become a fully realised product.

confession was presented during this year’s milan fair as part of konstfack’s exhibition ‘design for a liquid society’ at spazio rossana orlandi.