Straight weird

Confucius combines extremes. Straight upholstered elements are assembled in inclined angles forming an architectural seating sculpture. By gaps and openings every upholstered element stands in its own light. Only in the elements’ combination the sofa CONFUCIUS arises. Every element can freely be formed in material, color and pattern, which underlines the angular appe rance – from bizarre, to fashionable or elegant-classic. “Free variation creates creativity. It encourages to interpret things differently and to broaden up your mind”, says designer Alexander Nettesheim.

Shockingly comfortable

Confucius is equipped with a pocket spring core in its backrest. Thus, every part of the body is ideally supported, even after a longer chill-out. The fine drawing-ins emphasize this effect and guarantee entire relaxation for body and soul.

create your own Confucius

Let your mind wander and create your Confucius. As you feel, as you are, as you want to be. Let off steam and calm down after – on your creation – on your