Containers for storing and organizing small things.

Some of our objects emerge from the reuse of waste material from other projects. Sometimes the discarded material has great quality, such as acrylic stone, and can not afford to throw it away. From small pieces of material we came up to design multipurpose containers for organizing these small elements never know where to keep.

With an abstract air, the containers move away from the usual containers for organize elements in the kitchen or in the office. They have a strong constructive component that expresses how they are made. Dominated by contrasts between vertical and horizontal lines and primary colors notes, containers also highlight the duality between the abstraction of acrylic stone and the warmth of natural birch wood.

Material: Plywood Birch, acrylic stone
Measures: 11 x 10 cm.
Finish: Non-toxic varnish
Color: White, black, red


General view of containers