Wagner & Apel is a traditional manufacturer of porcelain established in 1877 in Thuringia. The family business is specialized in porcelain figurines and possesses a large treasure of forms. For the Contemporary Emotions edition the designers of zwei21 reissued some of the prettiest pieces.

The edition comprises figurines in white bisquit porcelain, figurines with refined details of copper and platinum and figurines in solid coloured bisquit porcelain.

Bisquit white
Bisquitporcelain consists of a special porcelain material wich is perfectly suitable for figurines. It was invented in Sèvres 1753 in France and became very popular at that time in Europe. The velvet matt finish results of a small amount of glaze in the paste. The material is casted in moulds and after drying the parts are put together and cleaned and finished by hand. Afterwards a multiple firing process starts. One is for tempering, the other for final sintering of the ceramic components and to brand the mark on the bottom. Out come the unique white bisquitporcelain figurines.

To enhance the unique details of every figurine, they are refined them with copper and platinum.
In former times copper has been one of the the first metals for making jewellery, besides gold and silver. Its warm and red shining is a delight.Platinum is one of the most precious materials. It is used not only for technical approaches, but for the finest and most elegant jewellery pieces.

For the coloured figurines solid coloured bisquitporcelain is used. Producing and handling coloured material requires a lot of experience and an elaborate process .The velvet matt tones teal, lavender and beige accentuate the fine expression of the figurines.