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Core Deco 2014 Collection.

MWM_CORE_DECO_2014_terrarium_5 MWM_CORE_DECO_2014_terrarium_3 MWM_CORE_DECO_2014_terrarium_1 mwm_afghan_3 mwm_afghan_2 mwm_afghan_1 MWM_CORE_DECO_2014_table_960_B MWM_CORE_DECO_2014_table_960_A MWM_CORE_DECO_2014_blog_6 MWM_CORE_DECO_2014_blog_1

New 2014 Collection of Matt W. Moore’s furniture & home goods brand : CORE DECO ––

5 new categories & 10 new products across the spectrum of functional design. – Pyramid Terrarium – Ceramic Tiles – Optical Illusion Tables – Jacquard Woven Blankets – Hexagon Patchwork Pillows

Lots of Photos + ‘Behind The Scenes’ Vimeo Videos.

Thanks for considering!

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