Cosmos is a set of timeless, magnetic, wooden blocks reinvented with cool aerospace forms and a patented magnetic system. Beautifully crafted from solid beech wood with unique grains, and designed for explorers of all ages.

It all begins with a classic wooden block, but reinvented with cool aerospace forms and a patented magnetic system. Cosmos is a set of interchangeable pieces for constructing anything space related. Build rockets, or better yet, multi-stage rockets. Start the countdown for launch with the space shuttle and its sleek double-delta wings. Launch numerous space probes and landers that collect scientific data about distant planets, or orbiting satellites for observation, navigation or communications.

Construct the Hubble Space Telescope that lets us learn about Earth from the most stunning images. It’s a universe of possibilities, so there is nothing to stop us from creating a UFO saucer or a Martian. Explore the imagination and venture far beyond where any human has ever been.

Cleverly designed, carefully crafted and put to life, Cosmos might be the coolest building blocks ever made. The patented magnets pop up to snap together, creating a crisp and satisfying click. Designed to function just like real world locking mechanisms. 28 wood pieces, 58 connection points, unlimited

No blinking lights. No complicated electronics. No forgettable plastic toys that end up in garbage dumps. Instead, Cosmos are toys that are long-lasting in both meaning and quality, magically straddling the worlds of adults and children. Founder Cindy Ng says, “We believe toys play an important part in growing up. But nowadays there are too many toys that do not inspire. What values are kids learning when they only play with plastic toys with no meaning? And they break soon or are always blinking and making loud noises in the already sensory overload world. So we set out to create simple, analog toys that spark the imagination, and will be loved even when kids grow older, and end up as decorative pieces at the office.”

Each piece is made from solid beech wood with unique grains, by combining modern technology and woodcrafting traditions. Individually sanded by hand, and painted with 3 layers to give a beautiful, smooth finishing. The sets are a mix of three colors: natural wood, matte white, and ultra-matte black which boasts an innovative soft touch coating with extremely low gloss and low reflectivity.

Material: Solid beech wood
Recommended Age: 6 and up
Safety: Conforms to toy safety standards of ASTM F963