Craft Combine ‘Around The Window’ Project was designed for the unique aesthetic between the characteristics of materials and the natural elements like lights, winds, shadows. This project is composed of mirror, vase, screen to perform abundantly the natural elements coming through the windows.

Craft Combine Vase
Flowers are displayed on three kinds of curved glass, plated stainless steel (silver plate, chrome plated, zinc plating) and the light reflected on the bottom.

Craft Combine Mirror
Sunlight go through different colors from the dyed acrylic plate, three moving faces shine objects on variety angles.

Craft Combine screen
You could have multiple benefits from using screen such as parting a space and shield a light.

Photos: parkyoon


Craft Combine Vase (material : stainless steel, rosales, glass / size(mm) : 100 x 100 x 200)

Vase with flowers

plated stainless steel(Chrome plated ,zinc plating, silver plate)

glass designed by Hong, Seok-Yeong

Craft Combine Mirror (material : stainless steel, acrylic plate, walnut, brass / size(mm) : 450 x 7 x 150 )

Mirror is composed of three surfaces.

it is possible to move the three surfaces at different angles.

Craft Combine Screen (material : stainless steel, pet, walnut / size(mm) : 730 x 400 x 1460 )

It makes a shadow on the space.