My name is Jake, I love your blog! I recently came up with a new product that I thought would be a great fit for a story.

I created glasses that are completely customizable. They are made to absorb common paint and markers, so you can design the sunglasses you’ve always wanted? Each pair comes out completely individualized, and no 2 CRAFTYs will be the same. The frames are made in a wayfarer shape, so they look great on everyone.

They come with lens films that cover both sides of the lenses, which allow you to spray and paint the glasses with out the fear of ruining the lenses. You simply peel the lens films off when your design is done!

The glasses come with a kit to help people get started. The kit includes the glasses, a template to map out your art, a marker to draw on the glasses, a screwdriver to take apart the glasses if you feel like it, and a microfiber pouch to keep the glasses safe and clean. The kit is reasonably priced at $25, so you can definitely design a few if you so choose.

The website, iheartcrafty.com is also made to be a resource for people who want to customize their shades, offering tips, best practices, and video tutorials for designing their shades.

I would love to know your thoughts, so please let me know!