Craggy by Vikki Rimmer
Jazz Rhythms by Vikki Rimmer
Constructive and Co by Vikki Rimmer

Craggy 2011 (Sideboard II (craggy)) Ash, beech, walnut, oak, sapela, phenolic plywood, Parapan (solid acrylic) 91 x 161 x 53 cm

Utilising off-cuts which pile up in the corner of an East London workshop, Sam Scott of Constructive and Co literally pieces together materials to form surprising and beautiful examples of furniture.

Where others would dump or burn the waste, Sam recycles the wood discarded from previous projects; piecing together junked table legs, discarded headboards, kitchen tops and offcuts so that the materials themselves inform the function of the finished pieces.

Sam says of the Sideboard entitled ‘Craggy’: I’d had an idea for making that kind of perimeter for the carcass from ash off-cuts, beech, walnut and oak and I had recently made a bathroom unit that used glossy acrylic. I phoned up the company where I purchased the glossy acrylic and cadged some more offcuts and then married the two together to make ‘Craggy’”
Sam and his fellow professional cabinet makers Tim Greany and Dom Shanks at Constructive and Co squirrel away what they see as extraordinary materials in order to utilise them in a large scale game of ‘lego’ later down the line.

Nine of Sam’s recycled pieces are to be shown in the Lobby, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London in ‘Pieces Together’ a joint exhibition with internationally renowned
ceramicist Carol McNicoll. This is part of Canary Wharf Group’s award-winning temporary exhibition programme, ‘Sculpture at Work’, and runs from 24 September – 16 November 2012.

Ann Elliot, curator of “Pieces Together’ at One Canada Square said of the piece: “ Craggy: defies the regular description of a sideboard. This largely practical piece is wildly colourful and its horizontal surface is unusually uneven for its purpose. When the drawers are pulled out they create a virtual skyline of buildings against the jazz rhythms created through Scott’s treatment of the surface’.