The Crane Lamp—a playful, movable light by London-based design studio Animaro.

The lamp changes dramatically in height and shape, with a form inspired by the shape of a Crane bird extending its neck to catch prey. In our age of digital interfaces and hidden technology, the Crane Lamp celebrates mechanics and invites users to enjoy the simplicity of touch and motion.

The lamp is available in two sizes, one to sit on the floor and another to light up a desk. The scissor structure of the floor version is composed of 26 hardwood parts, which enable the lamp to expand and contract. Its weight is perfectly counterbalanced by the strength of the spring, ensuring that lamp will hold its shape at any height. Raising the lamp is easy, it’s just a case of pushing or pulling any part of the structure and the lamp will glide into its new position.

The lamp is available in solid walnut, sapele or oak. The joints are machined from brass and hold the cable in place as the lamp changes shape. Every Crane Lamp is assembled by hand in a workshop in East London.

Animaro is a furniture design studio founded in 2015 and based in London. Inspired by all things kinetic, they enjoy working with mechanics and motion to create playful moving furniture. This involves combining springs, pin joints, bearings and anything that moves to create pieces of furniture that playfully express forces such as gravity and friction. They have exhibited furniture in London, Milan and Copenhagen and are now bringing their designs to the market.


Crane Floor & Desk Lamp

Crane Desk Lamp

Crane Desk Lamp

Crane Floor Lamp

Crane Desk Lamp

Crane Family

Crane Lamp Disassembled

Designer Matt Gilbert

Working prototype

Crane Floor Lamp Detail