"CREVICE LAMP" - table lamp
"CREVICE VASE" – a fruit bowl
"BRIGHT STALK"- flower vases
FuoriSalone Milan 2014

Russian designer Maria Altukhova has presented “CREVICE” series of lighting objects for interior during Milan Design Week (FuoriSalone 2014) at Russian Design Pavilion/DIN – Design In. Collection consists of “CREVICE LAMP”, which is a table lamp, “CREVICE VASE” – a fruit bowl and “BRIGHT STALK” – flower vases. Every object is hand-crafted piece made of ceramics, using an authentic potter’s wheel and casting method. Some elements are made of glass.
Light comes from within just as it would enter a dark room through a half-open door. All objects are in black color to merge well with the darkness. The inner surface is glossy white. LEDs are hidden, so that the light reflects from the inner surface and comes out from the dark. This creates the illusion of light shining out of nowhere. Color, brightness and mode of light are regulated by touchscreen remote control. All objects of “CREVICE” collection available in two different surfaces: glossy black and matte black.