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Crolib, a bookcase nano

Crolib with books Crolib without books Crolib's detail Crolib painted

It is for anyone who wants books at hand, to enhance favorite ones, for children’s room or does not have space for a traditional bookcase! CroLib is a bookcase made of 8 laser cut MDF parts with a thickness of 4 mm, two uprights and three pairs of perforated shelves, obtained from a single slab of mdf without waste. It is lightweight and easily transportable for the small size of the package, it can be customized with paint (see blue version picture) and with a fast and with an easy installation thanks to the system of joints without the use of hardware. The arrangement of the books will be in a different way compared to ordinary bookcases making them lie on three pairs of shelves to “V” according to the 90 ° angle common to all publications. The drilling adjust the uprights allows you to give a certain value and transparency to the bookcase. The product dimensions are 128x190x790 mm. while disassembled in size 128x12x790 mm.

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