In 3 colors of Mocha Brown, Scarlet Red and Midnight Blue

Storage, protection, use in a single bundle
Button strap for easy adjustments
Alternative use for other USB devices

CRUX is a personal USB library that brings greater ease and convenience to the storage, usage and management of multiple USB thumbdrives. It integrates the functionality of a multi-USB hub with the charm of craft and fabric to bring you a techtile solution.

We started out with a simple intent to make a part of the everyday life a little more convenient and a little better. We are not out to change the way you do things, but just to make it better. Observing problems, which our friends, families and ourselves have with the usb thumbdrives, we set out to find a solution.

After countless conceptualization, sketches, refinements and ideation. We finally arrive at Crux with more prototyping, experimentation with fabric, colours and sizes. A storage pouch that is personal, compact and integrated with simple technology to streamline the use and organization of thumbdrive. We believe Crux is the solution to every owner of multiple usb thumbdrives.

Made with premium suede, Crux feels good and looks good with anyone. It is further lined with neoprene, a material used for laptop sleeves to provide the support and cushioning for your devices. Cut with precision to ensure quality and consistency. Sewed by experienced seamstress from our local crafts and bag initiatives, Crux is handmade with much love and made to last your everyday use. A fusion of the beauty of fabric and craft with technology, it is beautiful, it is personal and it brings convenience. With three colours to pick from, Midnight blue, cocoa brown and scarlet red, CRUX suits every individual’s preferences.