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Dear Mocoloco
I’m writing this to inform you that there is a new Kickstarter project launched !
It’s “Cube: Home for your iPhone + Android.”
We need your help to bring Cube alive to people! CUBE is a dock, an amplifier, a place for reminders and creativity!

We created this project to give a smartphone its own space like our homes.
We wanted something more than conventional looking dock we can buy in market today. We wanted to design something that can do more than just charging your mobile device, at the same time, we wanted it to be intuitive and simple product which can interact with an individual’s lifestyle or characteristic.
For further information, please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kcrocks/cube-home-for-your-smartphones
and watch the video or visit our website www.heycube.com

Thank you for your time and trouble.
I hope you like the project!