Cube on Cube

Inspired by old Chinese civilizations, childhood, circles and cubes, elementary creativity and abstract architecture, we have created modular furniture elements, consisting of different sized blocks in different materials that are connected by different sized connecting cylinders in solid wood, polycarbonate and aluminium.

Nowadays the furniture elements should carry a multi purpose use, so the owner can create, build and re-use the existing blocks to be able to create the furniture needed.

Just by re-using the blocks and putting them in a different lay out, you can change its form and function depending on your needs or mood.
So you just don’t get a chair, you get a concept in which you can play and create. From dining table to chair to bed. Easy to relocate to another room, down the street or around the globe.

We feel this concept may change the way people live, they can get more possibilities out of their furniture, space and their creativity, they can rediscover and connect to their inner child! Also in a society where individualism is highly cherished but for a lot of people it is almost a synonym for loneliness, this is an opportunity to invite friends / neighbours to create together and enjoy company at the same time. You just create your own design.

Milan 2012, Cube on Cube presented their new project on SUPERSTUDIO 13.