Cubic Cable Holder by Kebei Li


Cubic Cable Holder is a desk organizing accessory from industrial designer Kebei Li. Machined from brass or copper with great precision, CCH successfully anchors most conventional cables, with just enough allowance for movement during use.

The geometry’s simplicity is a result of numerous iterations, and every small detail was carefully considered. The dimension of the channel is defined by Apple’s Lightning connector, one of the smallest yet most common in the market. The overall dimension is reverse-engineered to achieve visual balance without compromising on the weight or volume. On the bottom, two shallow cutouts are machined to precisely contain the rubber base, which provide a sturdy grip on smooth surface like glass or metal. The rubber is color matched to the metal, delivering a more integral look.

Brass and copper are chosen for their weight, warmth in color, and their ability to age elegantly. Every piece will develop its unique patina and character over time.







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