The Cuckoo-House
Detail; roof
Detail from the front

I’m Mary Lijster, a Dutch 25 year old designer and leader of the Thrush Birdhouse compagny.
The Cuckoo-House is our newest product. As the name of the product indicates, the cuckoo-house is inspired by the cuckoo clock. Time is everywhere and any time! Our design is a mix of the classic Cuckoo-clock and a birdhouse. The roof has made of recycled roofing feld. The rest of the house is made of recycled wood. The clock is mounted in the front and does work (it’s not only a design element is more!)
Why would you place a ugly boring birdhouse if you can place something well desinged birdhouse like this? It’s all recycled material (So, it’s better for the environment) and multi functional (it’s a clock, a birdhouse and a ‘bird feeder’ in one).
If you have any more questions about my design, don’t hesitate and mail me for some more information!