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Curiosity Object

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Both pieces of furniture and display windows, these lights act as small curiosity cabinets highlighting the beauty and strangeness of their subjects. When turned off, the bulb and socket disappear beneath an opaque black tinted glass. When lit, the bulb gradually reveals itself behind a soft veil, never dazzling. The base is made of blackened oak and the bell of blown glass. This series sets different scenes of an exhibition, inciting one to observe and reflect. These lights question what is to be looked at: the object or its content? Where are we supposed to be focusing our attention in this day and age? The designers have chosen to present construction debris. Under these luminous bells, they become specimens of a strange preciousness. From the displayed object, the glance shifts to the exhibiting object.

Size: Wall lamp: h 370 mm – Ø 340 mm (25 exemplaires) Table lamp: h 450 mm – Ø 370 mm (25 exemplaires) Pedestal table lamp: h 770 mm – Ø 430 mm (12 exemplaires)

Publishing: Galerie Cat Berro Р25 rue Gu̩n̩gaud, 75006 Paris, France.

Conception: Studio GGSV (Gaëlle Gabillet & Stéphane Villard)

Studio GGSV was founded in 2010; it is a young design studio in Paris. Award winner of the “Carte Blanche VIA 2011”

Pictures © Félipe Ribon

Realisation: Glass Fabrik (Glass) Cat Berro (wood)

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