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Gensler was enthusiastic by the symbolic image of the Earth captured in a rug created by Allure Rug- a world of fossils, rock formations and veins of gold come alive in the circular image of Earth’s terra firma that surrounds the corporate board room of Gensler’s client, a Colorado based energy firm.

Allure Rug’s concept, art work and local manufacturing has enabled this energy company to express the value of its corporate brand into the rug and provide great art for the floor.

As one of the leading manufacturers of custom rugs, Allure Rug Studio aims at the high-end segment of the market. Since its formation, Allure Rug has continually fascinated the discerning custom residential, contract and hospitality designer with its groundbreaking designs. The design studio is located in Denver, Colorado with a manufacturing facility near by where all the rugs are created. The studio is a part of the Denver Design District. 20 years after its founding, Allure is represented around the entire country.

Allure Rug works closely with the leading architects, interior designers and property developers to create their client’s custom rugs. The result of these collaborations can today be found in public buildings, offices, and private homes all over the country. When your space requires a specific size, color, or design, Allure Rug is your answer.

All of our rugs are custom made. Custom colors, shapes, designs and dimensions are all possible. Even the height of the rug can be cut to Each individual project is carefully studied to create a unique rug that combines a clients specifications and the distinctive aesthetic of Allure Rug Studio.

A fast turnaround time for sampling and custom artwork is a key part of the service we offer. We will be pleased to discuss your project and any specific requirement you might have.