Choosing the right hat that enhances your face and fits the hairstyle is often a difficult task and it’s difficult to decide when you find yourself in front of an infinite number of models to choose from. If only we could hold a pair of scissors and shape our hat the way we like, the problem would be solved.
This brave and radical idea was developed by [1 +2 = 8] the design studio in Milan and Borsalino the historical Italian company. For the 2012/13 autumn-winter season, they created together CUT THE TRACK, the tradition with addition of some whim.
CUT THE TRACK is a hat made of flat-woven felt, it appears as a classic Borsalino, but looking the underbrim we realize that there’s something more: four numbered tracks allow those who buy it, to choose the brim measurement, which is perfect for their own style and figure. Simply follow the golden printed tracks and cut the chosen profile with the curved felt-cutting scissors, included within the packaging.
There are four different models that can be cut: you can opt for a 10 cm maxi-brim or the classic 7.5 cm measure or move on to a casual 6 cm length up to the more fashionable 4 cm trilby.
Expertise and irony, these are the disctintive traits of CUT THE TRACK.