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cutting edge chair 1
Cutting edge chair 2
cutting edge chair 3
cutting edge chair 4
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cutting edge chair 6
Leaning Fruit bowl 1
Leaning Fruit Bowl 2
Leaning Fruit Bowl 3

The idea for this chair is derived from the unique joint between two materials: steel rod and teak wood. The steel rod is designed with specific” voids” to lock the wooden structure in place. The joint is made more interesting by the slicing of the wood to draw attention to the beauty of wood’s surface.
Dimension: W45 x D50 x H45

is inspired by the traditional Chinese fisherman’s hat, whose interesting shape and fine craftsmanship represent his simple way of life. This fruit bowl combines tranditional weaving technique, which results in an unusual shape. The series come in two sizes, in a variety of contrasting yet complementing materials like Wood- steel or terra-cotta and steel. When composed together, they form a refreshing landscape to your dining table.
Dimension: Small size :W40 x L40 x H 25
Large size: W40 x L40 x H35