The idea behind my designs was that I wanted to explore the idea of collecting various objects, however I wanted to make it personal, so that your able to really see what I’m like as a Graphic designer.

I have a huge passion for collecting objects and in particular, discarded ones. Two objects in particular that I hoard, are my collection of Bolts and Pennies. Strange collection to have, I know.

The pennies & bolts collected, all had its own unique features. Whether it was through, shape, colour or texture. Once I zoomed inn on them, using my camera, I could really see all the small cracks and difference in colour where the were worn out.
All these aspects mentioned, were just another great reason, of why I found it fitting to go out and do countless experiments. Every time, I would get a different outcome.

The images attached to this file is of a, QR Code Installation that I worked on, which displays my hoarding behaviour.

Using an iPhone, you are able to scan my QR Code, with a QR Reader and it will links you directly to my website.