Living Room Wall with no dividers
Living Room Wall with dividers
Living Room Wall with shelves
Detail of walnut dividers
Living Room Wall with dividers
Shadow play
Shadow Gap Details
WIth Books
Full Wall

As part of the refurbishment project to our clients property, we designed into a typical unused fireplace recess elevation, found in most terraced houses across the UK, a display, bookcase, AV cabinet and storage wall.

To add an element of fun and elegance to the design, walnut dividers were used as a device to pepper the floating shelves. The dividers are friction fit on the shelves and can move freely between all the shelves, allowing for a dynamic display device. We like the idea of a constantly changing bookshelf wall, depending on the needs and function, as well as the content to be stored and displayed.

The bottom cupboards are touch latch drawers and pull down for AV equipment and general storage for media and games. There are shadow gap reveals around all edges to offset the weight of the design, allowing a more free and visually light built in unit.