The collection
Jérôme Berranger, Tiler  © Photographer, Dakota Langlois
Jérôme Okoniewski, Zinc worker  © Photographer, Dakota Langlois
Rémi Gras, Plumber  © Photographer, Dakota Langlois
Muhammet Sert, Shoe maker  © Photographer, Dakota Langlois
Jérôme Jourdan, Saddler  © Photographer, Dakota Langlois
Marie-Thérèse Lisson, Hair dresser  © Photographer, Dakota Langlois

Mélanie Buatois is a young French product designer based in Lyon.

Since the summer of 2012, she is working on the development of a collection called “d’autres artisans” (‘other craftsmen’), a collaboration with craftsmen coming from different fields. The collection is a series of collaborations with craftsmen that are entirely unrelated to the world of objects : plumbers, shoemakers, tilers, zinc workers, etc. Every object is an exploration of a universe of knowledge, tools, techniques, materials and solutions resulting in an aesthetic naturally drawn from the offered possibilities.

Every object is a mutuaI exchange, a brief moment where two trades meet, share, and work parallel towards a shared goal. Each project is a partnership joining the vision of the designer with the skills of a craftsman. “D’autres artisans” is a series of objects and portraits of its makers, each piece entirely made by hand in the craftsman’s workshop.