The seasonal affective disorder is a cyclic form of depression caused by changes in the circadian rhythm. When the level of light changes in fall and winter, for some people this cycle can be disrupted.

The Day & Night Light is a lamp that oscillates within a period of 24 hours and is coordinated with the day-night rhythm. Set according to the circadian cycle, it is diffusing colored light through time to rebalance our body clock. While daylight as a whole is beneficial, different colors of light seem to affect the body in different ways. The essence of the lamp is its material, the dichroic glass that produces the range of colors needed by rotating above the light. The Day & Night Light is a device to understand time differently and regulate our circadian cycle.

Our natural body clocks are programmed to respond to light. In some people, dropping light levels in autumn and winter disrupt our internal clock, or circadian rhythm, setting off a depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder. Éléonore Delisse designed a timepiece that uses light to rebalance our daily cycle. A dichroic glass rotates slowly above a lamp to create different colours. The clock is set to generate a blue light in the mornings, to lessen melatonin production and stimulate wakefulness. In the evenings another light kicks in, casting a warm amber glow that sets off melatonin production and makes you drowsy.


The Day and Night Light

Effect of the Night Light at 9PM

The Night light projects from Dark blue to light blue through time

The Day and Night Light

The Night Light

The Day Light

The Night Light projects a range of colors from yellow to red to enable to process of the Melatonin to start