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Daylighting Summer Course
Vicenza, Italy
8th-22nd July 2012

A Sustainable Design Approach
based on Experimentation and Contemporary Architecture of the Venice Region
Dear Sir / Madam,

The University of Florida are holding a summer sustainable lighting design course, which we feel may be of interest to your association. We would therefore like to arrange with you the possibility of promoting the course through your website/blog/magazine.

Ideal for those interested in the sustainable aspects of architecture and lighting design, this intensive educational experience is set against a backdrop of the Italian Veneto, where participants are involved in daylight matter and its design, simulation and integration. The course will be lead by Giovanni Traverso, founder of the Traverso-Vighy Architecture and Lighting studio, and sustainability director of PLDA.

“The course introduces the culture of daylight both as an expressive device, and as a technical tool for a sustainable design approach. Artificial light is presented not as an independent topic, but both in its integration with daylight and its increasing capacity as a key component for a positive impact on human well-being. Alongside these studies, the course encompasses a full programme of lectures, seminars and conferences, delivered by a varied body of experts and professionals, as well as a series of tutor-led workshops encouraging innovation and experimentation within these themes.”

Set in the town of Vicenza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the course includes guided tours to experience the play of light in architecture, from Renaissance masterpieces by Palladio and Scamozzi, to Carlo Scarpa’s works, and provides access to contemporary buildings by Piano, Fuksas, Ando, and to the recent Traverso-Vighy daylight experiments.

The course philosophy stresses the necessity of analyzing daylight strategies as part of the basic concepts of an architecture project; using the circadian system in both natural and artificial lighting to positively influence our experience, and sharing a new consciousness of the importance of the influence of darkness on the built environment.

The course is open to lighting designers and architects, both student and professional. For more information, please visit our website, or if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks.

Franca Stocco
Course Co-ordinator

University of Florida
Vicenza Institute of Architecture
Contrà SS. Apostoli 51
36100 Vicenza
tel. + 39 0444 327500
fax + 39 0444 547141