The speaker hanging in the office
Phone on the wing
Full frontal of the speaker
The midnight black version
Speaker in a kitchen

There are countless battery driven Bluetooth speakers on the market. We have tried to do it a bit different. Design has been the driven force hand in hand with usability. The db60 speaker is button-free, no volume, no ON/OFF everything is controlled from your smartphone (iPhone or android no matter) Connect via bluetooth or standard AUX in, and if placed on the wing – you can charge your device at the same time – Never more running out of battery in the middle of the best part of the song!

The speaker comes in two version – one with the wing in a nice rubber surface and an exclusive version where the wing is milled from a single piece of European Ash.

We just published the project on Kickstarter, hoping to get enough backers to make the project become a reality.