ddplus: Design For Your VIP!

The new collection of beds and bowls for four-legged friends

As we all know, it stands for Very Important Pet. Indeed, our cats and dogs are VIP members of the family. They share the high spots of our daily lives. They inspire the hunt for that favourite food, that tempting toy… Enter ddplus, the new collection of co-ordinated beds and bowls in the masterly style of Di Marzio Design – specially for VIPs.

Creature comforts combine with functional good looks in the ddplus line of accessories. The elegant, minimalist design of the 4U Bed and Footprint Bowl blends blissfully with the contemporary style of other home furnishings. The resulting ambience caters for everyone’s needs. Four and two-legged friends can share space and emotions more harmoniously.

Foodprint and 4U come in transparent or opaque but colourful materials. There’s even a version screen-printed by hand, applying the print to the product’s internal surface, safely out of direct contact with fur, paws and snout. Hygienic and fully recyclable, the material wipes clean and is scratch and bump-proof. Even the fabric of the 4U bed cushion is hard-wearing, easy to remove for washing, and fits all ways round.

The new ddplus collection of co-ordinated beds and bowls is available in limited edition until 24 August. Grab them on Indiegogo, the international crowdfunding platform, at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/4u-pet-bed.