Assembled by hand with an elementary technique Dear M makes reference to Enzo Mari’s “Autoprogettazione” furniture. It all started as I was refurbishing our shared flat, the idea was to make bespoke furniture for a specific interior, using accessible and local ressources with a small amount of labor. The bench/desk came first, quite low and narrow to take less volume as possible and give a lot more air and visual space to the environment. Inspired by Asian interiors the idea comes from the culture and customs of Japan, where I had stayed just before. I continued my experiment with the exploration of the Cartesian node, which consists in an overlapping joint of three wooden battens. That furniture-making technique as well as the DIY approach drove me later to works by Gerrit Rietveld. I carried on with the making of furniture, I designed and built several wooden structures since then, to the point that it became a family of interior pieces.

Dear M is a tribute to DIY, products are design and assembled with conventional and industrial materials, easily found in DIY or timber shops. The building of a piece only requires some screws, one drill, one drill bit, few wooden sections and time. The design can adapt to any space as product’s height, length and assembly can be configure to any user’s need. It is an open source to create almost infinite variations, that keeps products simple, easy to build, tough and functional.

The purpose of the whole collection, as well as refurbishing our flat, was to also keep in mind the development of a range of comercialy valid products. It was the opportunity for me to open an online shop that would help me to make the Dear M collection available, to connect directly with the user.

Today Dear M is composed of one long bench/desk, one short bench, three stools, one lamp, one coat hanger and one clothes rack. Stools are complimented by cushions designed to sit gently on them. They are appliqué stiching of four coloured fabrics. Each pattern represent a topographic view from where the wood comes from. The pine wood I used to build the Dear M collection comes with a certificate number that allows you to trace its origin.